Thursday, May 27, 2010



Tonight, my brain feels like jello.

I've officially started my next display project and it's brainstorming day! I'm also tutoring again (I tutor part time, and the center hasn't asked me to come in for awhile before today). It's always hard to go back to work when the last week of a break has been such a tease of a vacation. Even my students today had just come back from summer trips, and aren't used to lessons and learning yet.

My brain feels like mush! Juggling math and writing and images and pegs and materials and costing...

Time to make space and move personal projects aside. Time to throw out all the residue from past ones! I've kept these paint splatters from the cups used to mix paint when I colored all 200 of the Back to School characters. I find the mixed colors and droplets so pretty up close! Maybe I'll find a way to keep them for "decorative purposes" hahahaha!

Okay, enough thinking for today! Tomorrow will even be tougher!!

Good night!


Belinda said...

hey! stumbled upon your blog and i have to say, you've got an amazing job! how did you ever land it? it would be great to hear that story! :)

Victoria said...

Hi!! I'd been doing production design (props, sets, costumes) for awhile. I wanted to venture into something new, so I asked my friend whose uncle owns this bookstore to set me up with an interview! :-) I was really lucky he liked my work!!