Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silver Shoes

I am obsessed with oxfords. I love how they can turn any girly outfit into a cute and boyish one. During our trip to Spain, my mom complained I bought too many pairs and that I wouldn't even wear them all the time (which is true hehe :P). Then, in my Who What Wear Daily email update a couple of weeks ago, I saw this particular pair and couldn't stop thinking about it!

Photo and info from Who What Wear Daily
Worn by Whitney Port

So of course, I had to make a way to have my own pair! Hehehe ;P I saw a pair of shoes in Topshop that were made of stretchable cloth-like material. I thought that would be easy to sew beads or studs on, so I used them, and here's what I got:


I LOVE beading. Sometimes it gets depressing because it takes a really long time to finish a project (one bead at a time!). But with short projects like these shoes, I find it so therapeutic to sew beads on one by one, placing them carefully in their respective spots. Now, I'm itching to find another project to sew!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wala Kang Katulad

I remember hearing about this video's concept for the first time, and being excited. And then planning the outfits, and being completely terrified! And now when I watch it, I remember when we finished, and being very satisfied after! Here it is so you can understand why:

Sponge Cola - Wala Kang Katulad Music Video from King Palisoc on Vimeo.

Wala Kang Katulad - Spongecola
Directed by King Palisoc, DOP: Mackie Galvez, PD: Marco Ortiga, Art Director: Gino Nacianceno
PM: Mara Andres, Stylist: Victoria Velasco AND THE GREAT STYLING TEAM OF Mon Sebial, Kabbie Rodriguez, Nicole Ang, Karen Ramos and Anna Lou Lagman! =D

This project was probably one of the harder of my styling jobs, but in the end, the team did really well. =D Not just the styling team, but everyone, of course! Life in reverse looks beautiful, and being locked in that circular set for some time was worth it. =D

styling team

Styling team! <3>

Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't be a Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween!!! I think we can all agree that Halloween is a lot more fun when you have a great costume idea, and when all your friends are just as excited as you are about dressing up. This year, my friends and I kept talking about our costumes, and even helped each other get ready! For mine, I found this very old looking red dress among my props and costume stocks:

halloween 1

I added these:

halloween 2

and got this!:

halloween 3

halloween 4
Woohoo! My Queen of Hearts Costume! =)
I had the time of my life shouting, "Off with her head!"
the entire night! Hahaha! =)

Here are two of my other friends in their own DIY costumes:

halloween mela
Melsy as a Milk Carton
The most RANDOM costume ever! I have no idea
how she even thought of it! She even stuck Nutrition Facts
and a Missing Person ad at the sides of her box!

halloween mia
Mia as a Kissing Booth
Another RANDOM costume! Mia came over two nights ago,
and we worked on her costume together! We made the box smaller,
and painted her box red, and even added the lip prints!
The red pumps were a perfect final touch!

halloween 5
With more of our friends: Gege as Spiderman (I'm sure, a hit with the geeks!),
Christel as a Hooters Girl, and Ida as a Penguin! =)

Can't wait for next year!! =D