Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Few Adjustments Here and There

This week, I learned that in life (not just work!), we all have to adjust!

Adjust things even if we thought we were already done with them!
The purple flowers in the Fort faded from being hit by the sun every morning,
so I had to change all of them! I had to use a lighter shade.
I definitely liked the darker ones more, but at least these will stay purple til the end of summer!

Adjust things to make them better!
The faded flowers had to go somewhere,
and that somewhere is my home.

And adjust things even just to make them cuter!
I finally put googley eyes on my bag, Cousin It!
It's so cute! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

Advanced Happy Easter everyone! :-)

Every Holy Week, I use the time when world stops working to catch up. Sometimes I learn a new craft, other times I fix my room or organize the props and costumes here. With whatever I decide to do this year, I'm just looking forward to taking a breather now. It's been a busy busy first quarter! Time to re-energize this weekend and build up for more things in the year! Advanced Happy Easter again!! :-)

Life Imitates Art

A fun video referred to me by one of my good friends, Pong. I love how the production used the simplest materials -- paper and cloth -- to recreate different costumes and sets. Videos like these were probably the most fun for people like me! Hahaha! :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fully Booked Summer

It's about time to celebrate the coming of summer (the heat has been unbearable!), and my second window display project focuses on just that! This season, I thought about COLOR and how vibrant and exciting everything feels during the vacation time of year. Here are some pictures of the Fully Booked branches I've decorated to look as festive as we all feel when it's time to take a summer break!

Bonifacio High Street

Shang ri la
Shang ri-La



Close up
A close-up picture!


Mall of Asia
Mall of Asia

North Edsa
The Block

Eastwood, my personal favorite!

Congratulations to my whole team who probably all went as crazy as I did, cutting and glueing and being around so many paper flowers! Thanks to them -- Karen, Anna Lou, Justine, Therese, Bea, Tanya and Nicole! And of course, to my setmen who set up every branch with me and stuck each flowers/butterfly/bug one by one! 3000 flowers, 1200 butterflies, 600 bugs and more than a month of working on this later, only some adjustments need to be done for us to be completely free from working, and off to celebrating the summer like we should!! Don't forget to visit the nearest Fully Booked branch to see the display in person! :-)

I'll leave you with a "behind-the-scenes" picture -- my house as I was distributing the flowers for all 13 branches of Fully Booked!!

My house 2

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

It all started with four treadmills and a dance. For the song, "Here It Goes Again," that was the first video from the band Ok Go that caught people's attention and granted them a gazillion hits on Youtube. They then came out with video after video of one-shots that only made them more of a viral sensation. Now, years after they started with the treadmills, they have gone on to more elaborate sequences, and have amazed people, myself included, with the latest that they've come out with. This second video for the song "This Too Shall Pass" (the first will also make you hold your breath!) features a giant Rube Goldberg machine built by the genius minds at Synn Labs. I can't believe it myself! It's amazing!! And I sincerely hope that Ok Go never tires of making videos that will continually amaze us all.

Other Ok Go videos include: Here It Goes Again, Do What You Want, A Million Ways, WTF?, and of course, the first version of This Too Shall Pass. I promise, they're all worth the time to watch. :-)