Friday, October 30, 2009

Untitled Track 06

We were making a music video for class, and we played an untitled tracks cd the entire shoot. It was a cd our groupmate Mia got from her producer-friend Pat (Mia sings in a band called Wake Up Your Seatmate, Pat plays guitar for a band called arch1pelago. Sometimes he also makes beats and calls himself Soaked in Scissors!). We played the cd during the shoot, and only in editing did we (well, not me. THEY!) decide to use Track 06.

At 4am one Saturday morning, we arrived at the location (Cosa Nostra, White Plains, now known as Leona), and people were still drunk and partying from the Friday night before. In the first couple of shots, passed out bodies were only a few inches from being seen. Sometimes, we woke someone who was sleeping on a couch, asking if we could borrow it for a scene. Little by little, We were able to shoot this:

PleasePlease Productions 2007
Regina Aquino, Vanessa Balao, Nicole Ignacio,
Isabel Tanedo, Mia Tengco, Victoria Velasco

This was my first job/stint/try/ANYTHING as production designer. No real roles were agreed upon from us six group members, but I was just always the one that ended up fixing the flowers and adding other random things I brought. I guess you could say I naturally gravitated towards that role; I always loved crafts and decorating when the occasion called for it. You could also say I ended up being PD because I DEFINITELY WASN'T directing, I couldn't place a light to save myself, nor operate a camera besides press the red button so... that's what I did to contribute: fix the flowers. I have to say, I still really like it. =D

Friday, October 16, 2009

'Kada Kwento Shoot Day 2

Whenever I'm in charge of costumes for a shoot, I'm usually a lot more relaxed than when I'm handling props and sets. I handle smaller items when I style - clothes, accessories, maybe a bag, sewing kit, pins. But for 'Kada Kwento Day 2, I couldn't escape dealing with bigger things - spray paint, rubber, tin sheets, rugby. We had to make a Tin Man - the next character from the Wizard of Oz that Jackie imagines appearing to her at a party. With a LOT of help from Marco (he practically took charge!), we were able to come up with the costume using rubber fthat shoes and slipper parts are made of.

tin man 1
This is Gino, modeling the first phase of the costume
for us. It's still black at this point. It seems to fit! Yay!

tin man 2
Using a LOT of spray paint (and I mean a LOT! I think
I used almost 10 cans!), we were able to turn it into this!
This is Marco having fun and imagining himself as Iron Man.

tin man 4
We stuck some nuts (with no bolts) as buttons, and gave him a bowtie,
and on shooting day, we had all the parts ready!

tin man 7
We had every kind of adhesive with us - double-sided mounting tape, blu tac, mighty bond, rugby -- everything that we thought we would need to keep the costume together!
In picture: Marco putting the costume on Gee, the talent, and Nicole, a PA who helped us spray paint and put it all together!

tin man 6
I also had to add the silver mask, funnel, silver gloves, pants and
long-sleeved top to complete the look.

tin man 8
And now putting the legs part...

tin man 10
Jackie meets the Tin Man!
I think this is our most complete whole body picture of the Tin Man costume.
We totally forgot to take him with the entire thing!

After around 30 minutes of waiting, the Tin Man could finally do his scene. Gee, the talent who stepped into the role, was a great sport! He was patient with us as we put the costume on him piece by piece, and didn't freak out when I explained that the spray paint would inevitably leave traces on his skin. We even painted his face (again, a great job by Carmie, the make up artist!), and he wore the silver mask and hat the whole time, but he was still in high spirits as we ended his segment. The 15 or so minutes that he was on set were some of the most tense I've ever been as stylist. Looks like even when I'm handling clothes, I still can't escape art dept. activities!

Watch the 'Kada Kwento episode where the Tin Man makes his appearance here. =D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Months Later, an Art Room Aftermath

aftermath 1

Finally, an entry two months later! I've been gone because I went on a trip (will post about that another time), and because I haven't been able to do anything post-worthy lately. My house had flooded after the typhoon Ondoy (or Ketsana) passed the Philippines leaving thousands more not only affected, but also displaced from their own homes. Little by little, our country tries to pick up the pieces, and personally, my family is trying to do the same as well. Though this was what our house looked like after the storm, we were already so lucky. Almost two weeks later, our house is almost completely dry! And though I had to throw away a LOT of props, costumes, materials and unfinished projects (like the tinysaurs! =(), some things can still be saved. =)

aftermath 2
Drying out the paints!

aftermath 3
I turned my room into a temporary sanctuary
for clean and laundered costumes and cloth. =)

For now, I wait for the prop room to dry, and see how I can work with what was saved. This country does the same as well. =)

Plug! My friends set up a website where you can see (and even POST!) pictures of what happened during the typhoon, and what is being done about it today. Check it out, it's a great site and you can even join in and include your experience in photos: =)