Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Months Later, an Art Room Aftermath

aftermath 1

Finally, an entry two months later! I've been gone because I went on a trip (will post about that another time), and because I haven't been able to do anything post-worthy lately. My house had flooded after the typhoon Ondoy (or Ketsana) passed the Philippines leaving thousands more not only affected, but also displaced from their own homes. Little by little, our country tries to pick up the pieces, and personally, my family is trying to do the same as well. Though this was what our house looked like after the storm, we were already so lucky. Almost two weeks later, our house is almost completely dry! And though I had to throw away a LOT of props, costumes, materials and unfinished projects (like the tinysaurs! =(), some things can still be saved. =)

aftermath 2
Drying out the paints!

aftermath 3
I turned my room into a temporary sanctuary
for clean and laundered costumes and cloth. =)

For now, I wait for the prop room to dry, and see how I can work with what was saved. This country does the same as well. =)

Plug! My friends set up a website where you can see (and even POST!) pictures of what happened during the typhoon, and what is being done about it today. Check it out, it's a great site and you can even join in and include your experience in photos: =)

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