Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Few Adjustments Here and There

This week, I learned that in life (not just work!), we all have to adjust!

Adjust things even if we thought we were already done with them!
The purple flowers in the Fort faded from being hit by the sun every morning,
so I had to change all of them! I had to use a lighter shade.
I definitely liked the darker ones more, but at least these will stay purple til the end of summer!

Adjust things to make them better!
The faded flowers had to go somewhere,
and that somewhere is my home.

And adjust things even just to make them cuter!
I finally put googley eyes on my bag, Cousin It!
It's so cute! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

Advanced Happy Easter everyone! :-)

Every Holy Week, I use the time when world stops working to catch up. Sometimes I learn a new craft, other times I fix my room or organize the props and costumes here. With whatever I decide to do this year, I'm just looking forward to taking a breather now. It's been a busy busy first quarter! Time to re-energize this weekend and build up for more things in the year! Advanced Happy Easter again!! :-)

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Mia Tengco said...

Hey G! What an inspiring post! I will start taking note of things I need to adjust in my life. Haha

By the way, check out my blog!
It's about my attempts to fix my apartment.

Happy Easter love!