Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wala Kang Katulad

I remember hearing about this video's concept for the first time, and being excited. And then planning the outfits, and being completely terrified! And now when I watch it, I remember when we finished, and being very satisfied after! Here it is so you can understand why:

Sponge Cola - Wala Kang Katulad Music Video from King Palisoc on Vimeo.

Wala Kang Katulad - Spongecola
Directed by King Palisoc, DOP: Mackie Galvez, PD: Marco Ortiga, Art Director: Gino Nacianceno
PM: Mara Andres, Stylist: Victoria Velasco AND THE GREAT STYLING TEAM OF Mon Sebial, Kabbie Rodriguez, Nicole Ang, Karen Ramos and Anna Lou Lagman! =D

This project was probably one of the harder of my styling jobs, but in the end, the team did really well. =D Not just the styling team, but everyone, of course! Life in reverse looks beautiful, and being locked in that circular set for some time was worth it. =D

styling team

Styling team! <3>

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imcalledtoffee said...

wow! didn't know nicole ang did prod too. she's with me in bluerep! coolness. congrats vix :) good luck in your interview :)