Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Color Me Kismet

I have a free night!! Nothing to sew or cut or draw or report for work! So I ended up doing my favorite blog rounds. Much to my joy, I came across a picture of one of my favorite craft/photography bloggers in a situation I find myself in way too many times:

Katie Sokoler of Color Me Katie
Stuck in the middle of her crafts!
With all her materials taking over her space.

Looks like my living room (though I think it is much messier than that sometimes) isn't the only space overflowing with project materials!

Color Me Katie is probably the one of the first blogs I started following, and what I love about it most is that Katie's projects and photographs aren't giant orchestrations of complicated lights and props. They're simple!! But at the same time, something only she could come up with! Other readers even come up with their own versions of her ideas, and are continually inspired by her all around cheer! I know I am. And I definitely can't deny the influence her blog has on mine.

Some of my favorites of her pictures:

Visit http://colormekatie.blogspot.com for more, and you can follow her on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katesokoler/.


colormekatie said...

You're so sweet! I love that we both messy our homes with art stuff!

Victoria said...

Thanks for visiting!! Hahaha! :-) Yes, the mess never ends!! :-)