Sunday, May 2, 2010



That's exactly how I feel at the moment -- BURIED. Buried in that pile of books, paint, boxes, cutouts, and so much more! I've hit the 3/4th finish line mark in the Fully Booked Back to School displays and whenever I get to that point in ANY project, I always get depressed.  Not literally, of course I'm exaggerating.  But being a quarter's worth of work away from the deadline, yet still having a mountain to conquer, getting there one painted box at a time, and feeling like the pile is never getting smaller is so disheartening.  :-(

So good luck to me! On this one last day (hopefully) of prepping, tomorrow's day of packing everything, and Tuesday's deadly deadline.

The picture is from my GRAND SET-UP DAY last Wednesday.  So thankful for everyone who came and helped out!!


desi said...

hi there! :)

Tell me,what do you do with al those books?

ive got piles and piles of old books i want to use for stuff and i need ideas!!

Victoria said...

Ohhh!!! I was just gonna blog about some things I found online that use books in a creative way. Why not arrange them like a rainbow?? Like this:

Or some other projects I found online before, but these would mean you can't read the books anymore! Hahaha!

Book Spine Painting:

Cut outs:

Let me know if you get to do those!! I'll blog soon about what I did with those books. :-)

Lady San Pedro said...

Oh my god I looove "Seville"!!! :-)