Tuesday, May 4, 2010




WOOHOOO!!! The Fully Booked displays are all ready to be picked up and I have this ONE FREE DAY to catch up with movies, friends, and life outside of work!! I start setting up in the stores on Thursday, and that will probably continue on until next week. I have one extra project to take care of too. Here we go!!

A super giant thank you to my mom who helped me work over the weekend. And to Marco who helped me pack everything the whole day. I can't imagine what time I would have finished without them!!


And one last thought and thank you -- to my friend Marco who drew all 200 of the creatures you'll see in the stores, and who also is turning a year older today!! Happy happy birthday!! :-) Some of these creatures are just too adorable. They look great colored and cut in shape. :-)


Faith said...

Congratulations Vicky! I am so glad you are ending that chapter like this. Saw the Mela Marco entry that came along with it and I'm just really glad for your happy ending =)

Victoria said...

Thanks Faith!! It's too early to call it a happy ending though. I still have to set these up in the stores!!

Safari Tree Adventures said...

Woooooow!! :O you guys painted everything?? i wonder how many creatures you have per store! i'll definitely remember you always whenever i pass by a fully booked store. did you also do the super duper duper lots of hearts display last feb? :D awesome! also, i knew the creatures looked familiar when i saw your most recent entry! they remind me of Marco's stuff on Wear Art Thou shirts before. :D

Good joB!!! i hope your store set ups go great! :D

Victoria said...

Yup, I did the hearts display too!! It was my first!! Hahaha! Marco did a great job with these drawings!! Can't wait to put them up too :-) Thanks Alexi!!