Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Or rather, to my blog!! :-)

I'm the worst blogger ever, totally forgetting The Art Department's 1st birthday! It was last May 13!! :-) So here is my haphazardly put together greeting/commemoration/WHATEVER for the site I love to update and share to the best of my limited internet and html abilities!!


Some personal thoughts to share...

I was just thinking about posting about how thankful I am for how things have turned out. I'm at a very good emotional place with my job. I'm so so thankful for the opportunities that have come along, and I'm at peace with the decisions I've made... It wasn't always like this though! That's for sure. I wasn't always as secure as I feel today. Even now, there are times when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing despite sprinkled feelings of confidence just moments before. Or there are simply times when I feel like I can't handle the physical strain of it all, and that I care about what I do so much that it really takes an emotional toll on me when I feel like I'm failing!

It's been a roller coaster of the two years I've been doing this professionally, and a whole lifetime of a circus, dealing with arts and crafts on my own. I know I will still hit rock bottom on some days (especially near deadlines!!), when I'll feel like I just can't do this anymore! Or times when I'll feel like giving up and choosing an organized daily work schedule, a desk of a workspace, and a logistically convenient space and setting for me to work. But for now, really, I'm grateful, thankful and happy. :-)


imcalledtoffee said...

congrats vicky :)

security with a non-traditional job is the best feeling in the world :)

Zig Marasigan said...

happy birthday to the art department!