Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to School

I am officially finished with the Fully Booked Back to School displays!  1200 paper airplanes, 550 boxes, 200 cardboard characters, 10 chalkboards, 12 set up days, and one very very tight month-long work schedule later, I can finally breathe! :-) I'd describe the behind-the-scenes process some more, but I think I sufficiently documented it with this blog already...  So I'll just show what the final windows look like:


Fort (1)

Fort (2)
Sea Creatures clutter the Fort window display. 
Some of these creatures are my favorite! They were the hardest to paint, 
with polka dots and so many other details to color in and trace. 
But I really do love them! 

Eastwood (1)

Rabbit and bird robots protect the Eastwood branch.
I love the robot creatures as well!! 

Gateway (1)


Gateway (2)
My sister's Wes Anderson-inspired lab rat and other rodent mechanics
and astronauts in the Gateway windows.  
My sister is so proud of the rat illustrations she painted! She'll be very upset
to find out that I accidentally situated them to such a far away branch as Gateway! Hahaha! 

Greenbelt (1)

Greenbelt (2)

More submarine creatures, this time mechanical ones too, make up the Greenbelt display. 
Again, some of my favorite creatures! A whale operated by a rat. Who would have thought? 

D is for Dinosaur 

Greenhills (1)
and R is for Rabbit

Greenhills (2)
at the Greenhills Promenade branch! 
This is probably one of the harder branches to set up, since there are two windows, 
each on a different floor of the mall! Plus, it's one of the smaller branches, 
so I always feel like I'm shoo-ing away customers when all our materials
are out for arrangement! :-s 

Elephants and pandas make the exciting zoo in Mall of Asia.
This branch is one of the easier ones, being one small-sized window with a back wall
to lean and stick our materials on.  Yes, that's already a small-sized window for Fully Booked!

Shang ri La 1
Photo by Pong Ignacio

Shang ri La 1 (2)

Shang ri La 1 (1)
It's a bird farm inside and out of the Shang ri La store!
This is the first time I ever took store indoors into consideration.
Good thing we had enough materials!

Waves wage war against storm clouds in Trinoma. 
These are my friend Marco's Stormbringers. He did all the illustrations and I gave him
total freedom in drawing all 200 of them.  I guess he had a lot of fun inventing creatures like these!

North EDSA from Pong

North EDSA from Pong (1)
Photos by Pong Ignacio
Robots and alien invaders at the SM The Block/North EDSA windows. 
These windows combined make the largest and longest set up that we were 
getting kicked out of the mall by the time we ended!! This was the branch I 
blogged about before.  And these pictures are dark precisely for that reason! 


Rockwell (1)

Rockwell (2)
It's a dinosaur and reptile safari in Rockwell!! 
Rockwell is the biggest single window, even bigger than the Fort! It takes us about as long to
set up as North EDSA, but thankfully, we set it up in the morning, before the mall opens!

I think this my personal favorite of the displays I've done.  It was quite an ambitious design for me to orchestrate and execute, but I'm very lucky to have a great team behind me to help me see the project through to the end.  I really had to stick to the work schedule and budget with this one -- I was keeping tabs on the dates and numbers everyday! But we did it!! :-)

On to the next one! What would that be then?

Fully Booked Window Displays.  Some pictures from Pong Ignacio. Character Illustrations by Marco Limjap.  Cardboard Box Cutouts by Marco Ortiga.  And overall design by me! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm very amazed on what you did with the display for Fully Booked. Really breathtakingly nice!

I always wanted to get crafty though sometimes I don't know where to start or I feel that I don't know what to do (create). I must be lacking the inspiration.

Could I ask you what kind of paint/markers did you used and what kind of cutter did you used to cut the box precisely?

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you.

Victoria said...

Hi!! I had the boxes cut my someone else, but he and his team used regular cutters that you can find in anywhere that sells school supplies!! Smaller cutters are better for designs with smaller curves. :-)

Also, for painting the characters, I used latex paint, since it's sold in much larger quantities than poster paint does. Poster paint would actually be a more suitable paint for them since they're made on illustration board, and poster paint is best on a paper/cardboard medium! If I'm not mistaken, latex is usually for larger materials like wood! :-)

Was I able to answer your inquiry?? :-) Thanks so much for dropping by!! :-)

As for being crafty, I always loved watching kids' arts and craft shows growing up!! Like "Art Attack" :-) Maybe that's a start? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you answered them very detailed. Thank you for that. =)

I still remember Art Attack. I watched and tune to it every time back when I was a kid. hehe. That can really serve as an inspiration.

I'll start very well soon.