Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Things for Tonight!

Before sleeping off this drowsy day (had a 24-hour shoot yesterday that KILLED me! Will share about that soon =D I spent the whole day wishing I were back asleep!), I'll post three things I did in the past month:

1 -- I had a lot of cancelled shoots this month. =( Here are two pictures of some prepping I did for what didn't push through:

Spray Painting Paper Cranes!
There was no budget to work with, so I had to recycle old props
like these paper cranes -- used even by CD before I met her!
So they're probably older than my career... hahaha!

I had to recycle my frames too!

2 -- I did make up for a fashion show for the first time, too! It was so hectic! But I managed to do five faces in about five hours. That's so fast for me!! Hahaha! Anyway, here are some pictures of backstage with all the make up!


Tons of make up to share!

I couldn't help but notice that whenever we, the make up artists, weren't busy with a model in front of us, or during our breaks, a bunch of us would be busy putting make up on ourselves! Can't help it, I guess. =)

3 -- BOW TIES! =D I love bow ties and have been fascinated with them since I started loving men's fashion. It's one of my favorite men's accessory, and I couldn't find a self-tie one in this country for so long. I had my friend Sab buy one in the US, and now that I have it to copy its pattern, I can make my own! Here are three bow ties I made tonight as gifts for my guy friends birthdays this week:


Extra thank yous to my sister Gisella who was actually the one who sewed them. Hehe =) I can't use a machine yet =S but I want to learn now because I want to make TONS more and bow tie the world!!! =D

Good night!

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