Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Eyes

Today was my last day of make up classes! I can't believe 13 sessions went by so fast. Here are some pictures of my last two days! Fashion show make-up/Evantrail eyes! =) In summer colors! I can't believe it's June already!

CD and My First Try at Evantrail Eyes
I love summer colors and CD was very enthusiastic about them too! Yay!

Gisella and My Last Day
I just wanted to practice the last session's lesson again,
and my sister Gisella was my model! =) A young, fruity, summer look! =)

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be my model! =)


Camille Aguilar said...

its like a sorbet! i love it!

Victoria said...

cam!! i couldn't help but think how bagay these summer colors would look on you!!! lets try it on you!!!!!

Abby said...

super cute :)

Faith said...

gisela! it's been so long! =) she's so pretty!