Monday, June 22, 2009

Blast from the Past! An Art Dept Boo Boo!


In Episode 1 of Rakista, Caloy, the lead, goes to an Eraserheads Tribute Night in Route 196, and sees CC, his love interest and ultimately, the reason for his forming a band (and the show's premise). We dressed up the place with a bunch of posters, and even had a tarp for the "stage area."

A couple of weeks ago, that's almost a year after we shot that episode, we return to the same bar, and a poster is still stuck to the glass window. It was my boo boo as Art Director for that being left behind... =S But I won't deny it was kind of a nice, nostalgic moment too. The poster even had "The Matador," on it, which was, in the script, the original name of the bar the event was to be held in.

I didn't take it down yet, so you can check it out if you go to Route anytime soon. =) Maybe they won't notice ever!


Rolfe Bautista said...

This is such a cool blog. I love it and I look forward to more. Nice profile pic. I love what you did with the wall in the background. Are those just tapes? :D

Victoria said...

yes! i haven't posted about that shoot yet, but soon! thanks!! =D