Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'Kada Kwento Shoot Day 1

The project that's been keeping my busy in recent weeks is a series of short films, called 'Kada Kwento. It's produced by and Globe Telecom, and its first episode and trailer came out last week (click to watch!). We just wrapped the second day of shooting as well, but since only the first shooting day results are out, I can only show pictures of what happened then.

This is Jen Chuaunsu; she plays a character named Dani. Episode 1
is her story, and we shot in Divisoria for the entire morning of the shoot.
Since it's a very congested marketplace, we endured the heat,
and a lot of human traffic to get certain shots. By the end
of that location, we were all exhausted and it was only noon!

There are seven characters in the series, all with distinct personalities that come together at the night of their friend's birthday. I'm styling it, and the job seems pretty easy since it's just one outfit per character for the entire duration of the shorts. One of them, however, Jackie, has an imagination that runs so wild that she sees the characters from the book she is reading come into her real life, and we had to include one of those imaginary friends in the trailer. The book was the Wizard of Oz, and the character was the Scarecrow.

Jackie, played by Gaille Reyes,
and the Scarecrow, played by Keith Tan (who is also our editor!).

With the help of Carmie, the make-up artist of the shoot, I think we were able to come up with something to be proud of. Keith doesn't look like a real REAL Scarecrow, but it works! I love the eyebrows as well, I think the make-up was such a crucial part, and that Carmie did a great job with it. That, along with some canvass, brown spray paint, dead leaves from my garden, thick rope, and thick dark blue upholstery material, brought life to the Scarecrow that was no longer just in Jackie's imagination.

With Carmie and Keith, who was really patient with us as we
dictated to him what he could and couldn't do -- like scratch his face. =)

Just had to include -- me trying to be a DOP again hehe =)

The trailer is attached to Transformers 2 showings at Rockwell Cinemas, but due to a boo-boo by Rockwell on the first day (which just so happened to be when 91 of us cast and crew members, friends, and colleagues watched together), we didn't get to see it on the big screen. =( Problem fixed now though, and it should still be showing! =) Check out the website: weekly for the next episodes, and for who else is behind them! =)

And lastly, a clue for 'Kada Kwento Shoot Day 2:

Wizard of Oz + My chrome fingers = Which character next?!?! =)

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