Saturday, May 16, 2009

Only Summer

My very good friend and co-PleasePlease girl Sab wanted to make a video for our friends' band letsgostreaking! They have a cute song called "Only Summer," prior to making it, we both hadn't been part of a shoot in a long time, so we were very eager. Sab had a lot of ideas for what she wanted for the look of the video -- aliens, dinosaurs, flying animals. She showed me pegs, and along our other friend Marco (who is in the band, and can draw), we painted the background panels for the video!

only summer 01

only summer 02

It took around four or five days to paint everything! I had absolutely no PD-in-the-real-world experience, so I dealt with things like the fact that our paint was enamel (I had no idea there was water-based construction paint hehe Oh how I love latex!), to having no help at all setting up and setting down for shots. Making this video was a learning experience, and I'm still proud of it until today. Thank you to Rog who carried a light for the whole shoot, and helped me "carry" the stars! =)

only summer 04

only summer 03

only summer 05

I also "styled" it, but I can't really take credit for the nice clothes that my friends own! Hehehe =)

I still have all the props you see -- the suns are in my props closet, the stars are with another PD I work with (I've used them in so many shoots since, and they've really done a good job dressing up settings like "Election party" or "Artsy cafe."), the magician's outfit is in my closet. I wasn't lazy yet, so I handmade and handpainted some things... It was a good time in my PD life. =)

This was still a PleasePlease production with Mia lighting and shooting it, and Reggie and Essa editing. Sab of course, directed.

We shot this on a Sunday afternoon-night in my garage, and until now the panels are there. =)

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