Monday, May 25, 2009

Hay Naku

Around two years ago, my classmates and I were extras for a music video that our teacher, Marie Jamora was directing. It was for a band called Silent Sanctuary, and we were all to be high school students walking around campus. We did it because we wanted to be part of a real shoot, having little to no experience in one, plus we would also get extra credit in that class. One of my classmates, Prime, got to be the star, and another one, Gino, got to play a small part as well.

Fast forward to just last month, and Gino calls me saying he gets to direct their next video! *confetti* It was a very fun shoot, but also a very heavy one for me. I had to build a lot of things for it, and I had not done that in a very long time. Gino wanted the location, Cubao X (a street of small shops and cafes) to have several booths along the road, like a fair was going on. A lot of people would be walking around, and some of the signs seen had to correspond to the new album art of the band, as well. The singer was to walk through the entire location, and at the end of it, a crowd would be waiting for him to perform the song. This would also be a sequence shot video, meaning no cuts during the entire thing. From start to the end, the video would be one shot! It was a scary idea to pursue, but also an exciting one for newbies like us!

I had a set-build day with my setmen to build all the booths! It took them from 10am - 7pm to build three booths and a ramp, and for me to help paint and prep for other stuff for the video.

Preliminary shot of two booths: the fruit juice stand (the orange one),
and a fortune teller booth (the black one).
Spot the cameo of the Only Summer panels!

And my setment behind the booths, building a skateboard ramp.

All part of the job. =( haha I stepped inside a bucket
of white latex while painting the top of a booth and
not looking before stepping down! =S

The tall booth I was painting! Actually I was spray
painting the pink lips, and a setman was smart enough to
make it lie horizontal after my fiasco. All for the kissing booth!

My garage after set build day! No space for cars.

My living room! No space for people.

To transport all the booths, the setmen made them somewhat collapsible. They took the booth sides apart to be able to lay them flat on the roof of our transportation service van. It took me about two more full afternoons of painting booths, packing props, and making crafts before everything was really ready for shooting day.

We arrived at 5am on location on the day itself, and the setmen were able to construct everything on time for the first shot at 9am.

full set up
The full set up!

kissing booth
Me + U Kissing Booth

fortune teller booth
Fortune Teller Booth

juice stand
Fruit Juice Stand

The Skateboard Ramp!
Btw, this is just in my garage waiting to be used, but I
don't skate! So does anyone want it? I'll sell it hahaha. =)

Mixtapes and Memories For Sale!

Recognize the frames? I brought a bunch of art (CD's art!)
and the frames to create more pseudo-booths.

Ayo selling books! I've seen someone in Cubao X actually do this,
sell books off the side walk. =)

We encountered some problems with a restaurant owner in Cubao X, but by luck, were able to finish! Good thing! We wrapped at 2pm. =)

Indioboy and one girl!

And here's the video!

Honestly, I would have liked it in its bare form - without the thought bubbles, etc. But I'm still very proud of what my classmates have accomplished with this - a sequence shot video! It was by no means easy, and we've come a long way from being extras for extra credit! =)

This is always my preferred kind of heavy shoot - like the Chubibo shoot, I made almost everything, it was almost entirely up to me. I got to design something, and have it executed. I got to paint, draw, make crafts and even photoshop for a bunch of props for it, and that's really what I love about this job. =)


Camille Aguilar said...

i love your mix tapes!!! soo cute!

belli said...

Vicky, really cool video!! Congrats to all of you:)...including Rizzy haha!!

Victoria said...

hahaha! thanks guys!! =)

desi said...

wow, this is my kind of music video! :) so coollll! :)very well done!

I like the song too, even though i don't have a clue what words he's singing! :)