Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make Up School Day 5

Today, my good friend Essa agreed to be my model for make up class! The topic was Evening Make Up, and this is what she looked like after. I still get nervous when I put eyeliner on other people. =S

I've always liked green eyeshadow!

Essa in evening lighting.

Thanks so much Ess! =) Yay!


Anonymous said...

pretty makeup! :) i love love love love makeup. haha. where are you taking classes?

Victoria said...

yay thank you! i was never a make up person, so this is all so new to me... i'm taking in make up for ever in high street!!

Camille Aguilar said...

wow! this turned out so fab!!! i love it!!! i cant wait for tom, wonder what magic youre gonna do! hehe

Victoria said...

thanks cam!! see you!! can't wait!