Monday, May 18, 2009

Early Work with Indioboy

I work a lot with a group of classmates that call themselves Indioboy Productions. Yes, they're all boys, and yes, I find myself the only girl in most of the projects I have with them. Here are the two of the earliest videos I had with them. These are also the two earliest projects I had with CD, the production designer/stylist/now full-time artist who showed me the ropes around shoots, and introduced me to practically everyone I work with now! It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. =)

Some pictures from the shoot:

take me there 1

take me there 3

take me there 4

As you can see, I like to recycle props aka the stars! =) You'll see them more in next projects.

And here is the second video! This was for my friend's band Wake Up Your Seatmate. For the set, I needed girl's room stuff, so I brought my entire room and my sisters' room accessories as well. This is how it turned out:

And just one picture:

hide and seek 1

More entries about my work with Indioboy another time! =)

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