Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Outtake

A sneakpeek.

Last week, I attended an exhibit with work from 20 photographers and their collaborative efforts with 20 artists. My friend Kaity had some pictures on display, and I had helped out with make-up for the shoot. She projected her own photos, of streetlights and roadsides, onto a nude body, and shone some light on the only 'garment' the model was wearing: a pair of her partner-shoe designer's work. Though this picture above did not make the final cut (obviously, there are no shoes! Hahaha!), I would have to agree with Kaity that it's my favorite from what I've seen of the outcome. :-)

Sue, the model, is so beautiful here too!

Congratulations Kaity and the rest of the 39 photographers and artists that debuted work last Saturday!! :-) To be part of something you're passionate about is one thing, but to choose and pursue a life filled with love for a craft is another all together. :-)

My favorite of what made it to the walls of Outerspace Gallery.

20/20 Likhalayaan Exhibit was held in Outerspace Gallery, The Collective, Makati, Philippines on Saturday, June 19, 2010.

For more of her pictures, visit Kaity's Flickr account here: Hold your breath as you click and enter her realm of neon lights and windblown memories. I promise you, it's worth it!!


faye hain said...

hi vicky! just wanna say that i love your blog, and that whenever i want to see pretty cool stuff, whether handmade or not, this online treasure trove of yours never ceases to amaze me. you are indeed very, very talented, and i hope you keep doing stuff like this because you're really GOOD at it. :)

-faye h.

Victoria said...

Thanks Faye! That really means a lot, you have no idea!! :-)

Kaity said...

Aw...thanks for featuring this here, Vicky :) Outerspace shoot!

Victoria said...