Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Lamps

My apologies, I don't know where my set of wires and bulbs for shoots is! But please believe me when I say these are lamps! (You see, this is how us production designers and stylists lose things -- we lend and borrow props so frequently, we totally forget to return!)


I spent my week-long break from display work making use of a basket full of cassette tapes I've had lying around for almost two years. I have one more of these lamps to make tonight, but it will be all work from now on again!

I've made these lamps before; to read how and why, click here. :-) This time, I made a larger version too (on the left)!


Don't cassette tapes put you in such a time warp? I thoroughly enjoyed going through all these tapes, coming across ones from Barbara Streisand, Ace of Base, Backstreet Boys, The Corrs, the Beach Boys, Barry Manilow, Charlotte Church...

Okay, back to making the last lamp now. It's a little different from these. I'll update on that soon!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Kaity said...

I love these, Vicky! So cute :) Analog art!

Victoria said...

thanks kaity!