Saturday, December 12, 2009

It Feels Like Love Tonight

About a month ago, one of my friends from production asked me to style for a music video he was going to direct. Wincy, the friend-director, had made a lot of music videos when I was still studying, and since I started in production, had worked in another job. This was his first music video in a long time, and my first time working with him.

I'm always nervous working for the first time with a director, but Wincy made it a comfortable environment by saying he wanted us all to have fun and be creative in our own ways! He even handled the props and sets himself. As much as he gave me a lot of ideas about the characters in his story (he really characterized them and thought of their personalities and what kind of outfits they would wear very specifically!), he also asked me a lot about what I thought would be exciting to create on screen. A really fun collaboration, I have to say! It was stressful also -- I spent almost a whole week prepping for everything. But at the same time, like he wanted - fun!

Here are some of the costumes from the shoot:

room of lamps
The video is about a couple meeting and getting together, a simple enough love story.
The girl, played by Dawn Balagot, is a comic-loving free spirit, dressing in brightly-colored
clothing, while the boy, played by Gio Gahol, is shy and keeps to himself,
one that dresses in grandpa-inspired sweaters and neutral-colored prints.

pass the message
They flirt with each other by passing messages,
and sharing smiles and stolen glaces.

taxidermy couple
He dreams of her joining his taxidermy hobbies, and dressing as old school as he does.

She dreams of him as Batman, coming to her Catwoman rescue.
(I do not have a picture of Gio as Batman!! Well, I have one, but it's SO blurry! Ugh.
Anyway, you'll see it in the video!)
What an amazing set by Wincy Ong. :-)

post it dawn
post it gio
Somewhere in his concept, Wincy also fit the idea of "Post It People." I totally forgot how
this made sense to me in preprod... but it fits!

And in the end, as you might have guessed, they both feel the love. :-)

So finally, here's the video! By the way, the band the video is for is Sugarfree. :-)


Camille said...

You PDed this!?

I think I'm in-love with you. <3

Victoria said...

Hello! Nope, I styled it! Wincy, the director, pd-ed it himself. :-)