Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas!!

Some of my favorite things about Christmas are that:

there is an excuse to put pandas

and moose! in malls,

everything seems to turn into presents,

candy canes
and it's the only time of year I'll ever get to go into
a candy cane village!

I also love how

serenades 2
serenades help relax from the mall rush,

tree decor
personal twists are added to home decor to feel the Christmas cheer,

santa's mail station
and magic moments come from these photo opportunities
with Christmas villages in giant proportions

christmas village
and small sizes alike.

my own moment in the mall
And lastly, I love that moment when the mall rush fades,
and I find a minute or two
to capture my own snapshot of the season.

Happy Christmas everyone! :-) It has always been one of my ambitions to help everyone feel the Christmas spirit by contributing to mall decorations for the season. In my opinion, these are the better of the decor I've seen this year. The Rockwell Christmas trees have always been a personal favorite! Seeing the red and green and lights always make me feel the sparkle of the season. I hope to one day be able to help others feel the same way. :-)

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