Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 Calendar

planner 1

Some pictures of the 2010 Desk Calendar I gave my mom, brother, lola, titos and titas this Christmas. I finished it right on time!




Personally, my favorite design has to be for the month of March. I really can't draw, so I just doodle what I think looks presentable enough! Hahaha! :-)


marga said...

veeeckytorya! i love your calendar! :) i beg to disagree, i think you can draw :p

every year i think of making myself a personalized planner so that i can have it exactly the way i want it and make it pretty... and then i get lazy. hahahaha.

Cat Juan said...

How beautiful! I was born on March so I'm glad you think that's your favourite. :)