Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspiration at the End of a Working Day

Today, I was inspired by

patterns that I want to try out myself,

furniture that inspires me 2
sculptures that combine function and beauty,

furniture that inspires me
art disguised as furniture,

furniture that inspires me 3
and craft ideas that I saw online once,
and bump into in real life...

And I'm inspired even when I find out it's a hoax!
Hahaha! This really surprised me! I felt so fooled! Hahaha!

But most of all, I was inspired to do a good job
by a new toy I was given a few weeks back...

my set-up for the day

I now feel like a real make-up artist! Thank you Marco!
I can't wait to pursue more of it in 2010,
especially now that I'm looking more and more like a pro! :-)


Dino Dinosaur said...

those cardboard chairs are from Nuvali, right?

Dino Dinosaur said...

oh yeah yeah, now I remember, you were the shoot make-up artist pala! hehehe! sorry I forgot! :)