Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Underneath it all, above all things, first and foremost, and at the end of the day, I think we are all fans. We're fans of the music, of the videos that accompany them, of the people that pour their hearts and souls into making them. We're fans of the movies, fans of the shows, fans of the ways our idols have made, lit and written them. Fans of one another. Fans of what the other is able to think of and conjure in his or her mind.

Another thing I love (and will always!) about production: how everyone believes that what their doing matters, how everything pulls through, how everyone (well, the better half of whom I've met in it) loves what they do. Even if it's for a fleeting four minutes of just one song from a band whose had many other videos, it's still made with precision and with careful thought. After all, we are fans of the song, fans of the band, and fans of the craft.

Congratulations on the successful music video launch to Sugarfree and King!! :-)

Hangover by Sugarfree, directed by King Palisoc, assisted by Odin Fernandez. Shot by Pong Ignacio, production design by Marco Ortiga, art direction by Gino Nacianceno. Production managed by Mara Andres, and styling and make up by Christina Dy and me!

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Christina said...

actually Vicky... that was all you! I was just nakikialam. hahaha. :)