Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday

Day 10

Eighty square meters would be intimidating for some people, but not for CD. I've never known her to be daunted by such a size, having seen her past work sprawl over the entire wall space of a circular room at some point. This month, she prepares for the Busan Biennale in September, and draws a very(!) big picture for us to see. She documents almost every step of the way in her blog, and reading it has been something I look forward to when I end each afternoon.

I met her a couple of years ago (wow, CD! We've been friends for years!), assisting her in a production design job, and being a frequent art director or assistant since. She's taught me everything (I'm probably exaggerating, but it definitely feels like that much) I know about shooting and being in the art dept, and I even got my first ever make up lesson from her! Now, I just watch as she completes drawings in sizes like these, and I am always surprised and in awe of her work!

Yes, 80 square meters would be intimidating for some people, but not for CD.

Can't wait to see the final product!! We miss you!!

Follow CD (Christina Dy) on her blog about her work for the Busan Biennale and life in Korea as a foreign artist, :-)


Christina said...

awww vicky!!!
can't wait to see the finished drawing, too. i want it to end na! hahaha.

and yes, you are exaggerating, but i am so touched. :)

Victoria said...

Hahaha! You can do it!!!