Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Rebirth!

Happy Easter everyone! I mentioned before that I usually use the Holy Week break to catch up with organizing and cleaning up my props and my room. This year was a success! I was able to fix my costumes in my prop room, and even my own overflowing closet upstairs. Thankfully, I was also able to squeeze in some personal crafts (like replacing the buttons of a blazer! Even little things like that, I didn't have time for before), and I now have a few things to remind me of what it's like to do these things for fun.

Another pocketful of posies
Bib necklaces made out of the posies I made a belt out of before.
You can find the entry and the link to the tutorial here.

I've always wanted a rainbow colored shelf. And now, despite only
having Sweet Valley Kids pocketbooks to organize, I have it!

And finally!! A tinysaur. I've been looking for a dinosaur skeleton to put together
for awhile now. This was a gift from awhile back and Marco and I managed to even paint
this T-Rex pink before assembling it! I love it!!
Her name is TYRA. :-)

Now it's back to work and no more time for personal crafts. :-( Hopefully I'll get to squeeze some in soon. But it was a nice break to have a 4-day weekend that everyone, even people in my industry, took part in. It really feels like a new start, and this is my HAPPY REBIRTH greeting to everyone!! :-) Happy Easter!

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jerome said...

Awww...the rainbow colored books and the pink t-rex is too cute.