Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!



Making do with what we've got -- that's what Alexandre Orion, a Brazilian artist has done in his street art project using exhaust dirt in tunnels and underpasses. "Cleaning the Streets" was the title given to the project in an article my friend Robbie tweeted awhile back.

I thought the theme would be apt for today is Earth Day! And project like these are our reminder to make do with the damage that we've already done, and at the same time, do our part in respecting what resources are still available.

Doing my own part is hard -- I use and dispose materials left and right in my job. But I try my best, hoarding all that I can reduce, reuse and recycle!


Another example of the project, this time by Paul Curtis, for Clorox's Green Works.

I wonder if we can do this here in Manila... without getting stopped by police or authorities! We definitely have MANY dirty spots in the metro that would be perfect for this.

Happy Earth Day again!!

These photos plus more and a short write-up on the project can be found here: More videos there too!

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