Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Wishlist 2010

It doesn't have to be my birthday or Christmas season for me to keep a wishlist. My planner is rarely without a post it of things to replace or cute trinkets to think about buying. When I was a stylist and shopped for a living, that list was always packed with clothes and accessories I spotted while "working." Now that I hold office in a bookstore and have the fashion and design section just a stone's throw away from my desk, I can't help but walk around during my break and play around with thoughts of owning and going through my dream books.

Is anyone out there hoping to pose as Santa this year?!? Mom, will you ever read this? Hahaha! In the four and a half months I've been at my job, I've compiled a list of books that make up a not-so-modest pile of wishes that sit behind my desk! Oh to hope is cheap, but to spend, a much harsher reality.

1. Photobucket

I found out about this book through my friend Jan who was actually looking to purchase it himself. This is the first film that made me fall in love with musical scores and stories told through different lifetimes. To have been inspired watching it is a complete understatement! This script and concept art movie companion would be the perfect icing on the wonderful cake I've already tasted and enjoyed.

Thanks for the referral, Jan! And I sure hope you don't want to buy it anymore. Hahaha!

2. Photobucket

I'm quite sure it's not a secret that I love paper crafts! With simple ones I would love to try out, this book is a thrill to look through, and would be treasure to own.

3. Photobucket

A compilations of their best work, David Stark Design has to be one of my favorite design firms. Though I definitely don't look to putting up events as they do, I just love how every element comes together to form a great picture. Definitely recommend looking through their site!

4. Photobucket

Stefan Sagmeister is another of my design idols. My favorite of his work is a wall of papers, some with dark edges forming letters that spell out the title of this book and also of the exhibit it is based on. With pencils tucked between the sheets, people visiting the exhibit then wrote down their own personal lessons, and consequently formed an entire wall of wisdom.

Here is a snapshot I found online:
Photo from cellar door.

5. Photobucket

A compilation for me to bounce ideas from (or even with! Haha!), this book is another random thing I picked up while walking around, and could never let go of since. With interviews and scribbles from the designers, it's something I can only wish I had time to seriously look through! Stefan Sagmeister is also featured here.

6. Photobucket

Being a paper art fan, I've had my share of hoarding and going through paper design books. But this one has to be my favorite one. Yes, paper is perfect, and this compilation of artists I look up to will show you exactly why.

7. Photobucket

Sketches, patterns and wise words galore, this very thick and heavy book would probably take an entire day or two to go through, with no time wasted at all.

8. Photobucket

I'm a sucker for all things with words and pictures! What more with these renowned and remarkable words, and these wonderfully illustrated pictures.


I think the video explained it all, why I would love to have this book! It even features two of my favorite illustrators, James Jean and Julia Rothman.

10. Photobucket

I didn't grow up with my mom reading me stories by Eric Carle. Instead, I grew up reading them to my little sisters, and kept the books in my room to look at the very hungry caterpillars and mixed-up chameleons, so simply composed yet so brightly and vividly depicted. Until now, when my mom assigns me to shop for my little cousins and nephews and nieces, I try to sneak in a book to give them, despite the probable age incompatibility. Who cares if they're too old for Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me? Everyone has a little innocence in them to appreciate Eric Carle.

11. Photobucket

A last-minute addition to this list. One of my resolutions for 2011 will be to learn how to draw! And what better way to start but at inspiration point, with only the best!

I think this wraps it up. I think. Hahaha! I will stop going through the store now, and just focus on the busy Christmas season ahead. I haven't even been able to shop for my list at all! Maybe I'll focus on fulfilling that one and stop wishing about this...

Happy Holiday season, everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am thrilled to take part in the Christmas cheer!

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