Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My friends are crazy! And so is my mom.

1. First things first, congratulations are in order.

My production friends have a running joke that our friend and director King Palisoc is slowly going crazy. Hahaha We mean that in the best way possible, of course, as his concepts have become more challenging, and at the same time, more fulfilling to help bring to life. From action scenes to sequence shots, and now, stop motion, if you don't believe us yet, here's the video that just last weekend won him his second NU 107 Rock Award for Best Music Video, and that might just convince you. Someone give him a movie to make already!

Congratulations King! You and your team deserve all the accolades!

Video embedded from http://vimeo.com/kingpalisoc, where you'll find his showreel and more of his work! :-)

2. Not only is King crazy, but so is Mon Sebial, the production designer who helped concretize his idea. With the simplest of objects - a pillow, a mattress, a piece of cloth, a colored paper strand - she created a whale, an ocean a toilet, a forest, among everything else in the video.

This Halloween, she also helped our book store create a haunted tour for kids to walk through and have fun in!





Entitled "Sprits of the Page," the tour was put together by the simplest of objects, but came out as a great experience as well! Thank you, Mon! :-)


Our staff was also able to have their faces painted for the weekend! Along with these characters, others I saw where of Spiderman, the Joker and even Ironman!

3. And lastly, I'm finished! Finished with the Christmas decorations for the year and ready for them to be picked up tomorrow. I always post pictures of how my house has been turned upside down because of my displays, or of the boxes piled up all around the walking space in my living room, but I'm quite sure this project has invaded my family's personal space in a way that is most unwelcome. It's really a wonder how my mother puts up with this, and how anyone can even exist in a space that's been taken over by boxes like this has!


Though I've gotten most of the work done, the stress and tight schedules aren't over yet. Thank you to everyone who helped out, made the decor, and was patient with me as I ditched plans, invaded spaces, and interrupted lives! Despite missing out on the outside world for the past two months or so, I'm still very thankful for this all...

Good night! :-)

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