Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentines' Day

Yay!! :-) I just finished the biggest job I've ever taken responsibility for: Window Displays for 13 branches of Fully Booked! The "holiday" I'm decorating for is Valentines' Day, and yes, despite being so early this year, I was so excited to handle it! I love Valentines' Day! ♥

So here are some pictures of the finished products. 30,000 origami paper hearts, 300 books, 100 packs of red art paper, 150 sheets of red cartolina, 100 meters of nylon net, 5000 staple wires, 100 glue sticks, and a whole month of working even during the holidays (I was folding even on Christmas!). Special special thank yous go out to my team: Nicole, Annalou, Karen, Bea, and Camille, for sacrificing their holidays as well!

Mall of Asia


Bonifacio High Street

Greenbelt 5

Shang ri-la

the block
The Block, SM North Edsa

after hours
And of course, I couldn't help but steal a picture
of an empty Fully Booked. :-)

I'm so thankful I was able to do this project. Visual merchandising has been a dream job of mine to have, and I can't wait for more "holidays" to celebrate. I'm a firm believer that designs don't have to be so elaborate; but they should to be appropriate. I hope I did that idea justice with these hearts made of book pages, and I hope that, as I do, you all find love curling up with the pages of your favorite book.

Visit your nearest branch to check them out! Of course, buy a book too! :-)


marga said...

veeckytorya!!! :) this is so wonderful! hearts! i am a fan. *marga likes this*

Camille said...

:D Hurrah!

Victoria said...

hahaha! hey if i post this in facebook grets, you better press "like" bwahahaha!

camille - hope you like it!

Lion Time said...

Woah! Amazing! I saw it just an hour ago in Promenade!


Jose Ignacio said...

saw it in high streeeet! Haha one look and I knew it was yours ;)

Victoria said...

JOEY i had to think, who on earth is Jose Ignacio?? bwahahahaha! Thank you!!

Ayo -- I have no pics of Promenade! but i'll take soon :-) yay!

Dino Dinosaur said...

Good job Vicky!!

Anonymous said...


its reggie!

this is so cool! i saw all the pleaseplease stuff and i missed college!

Victoria said...

Reg! I miss college too! Hahaha! :-) See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

yeah. will get you tipsy again :) --regreg