Monday, January 25, 2010

Rebecca's Ward

Lately, I've been brainstorming for a summer window display project, and all that comes to mind is COLOR. Leave the hanging beach balls and papier mache giant fish behind this year; I can only think of vibrant rainbow colors for the world to enjoy!

One of my main inspirations for this theme of color comes from Rebecca Ward, a tape installation artist. I think I've mentioned many times how I'm inspired by the simplest of objects used in massive amounts to create a work of art. Rebecca Ward does exactly that with colored tape -- she makes what we could never believe was possible with such a simple, everyday object.

Here are some examples of her work so you too can be inspired!

seventeen is sharp 2
seventeen is sharp 1
Electrical Tape and Vinyl Adhesive

the bed you lie in
Electrical Tape and Vinyl Adhesive

tape 9
Vinyl, Duct Tape

kate spade 1
kate spade 2
Gaffer's Tape

muster and rally
A collaboration with Emily Sall
Vinyl, Electrical Tape

For more of her designs and brilliance, visit her web portfolio at You'll find her concept drawings, and other current exhibitions.

Back to work now!

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imcalledtoffee said...

hey i like this... can't wait to see what you'll be doing next!