Friday, October 1, 2010

S Is Also for Swamped

I've been so so so swamped with work lately! I'll finally get to update something substantial soon, hopefully next week!

For now, I'll leave this entry with something I've been looking for for so long --a scanned page of the 11th Portrait of Despair, illustrated by Barron Storey (thanks for this info, Ramon!), from Neil Gaiman's Endless Nights. I've been wanting to post this, but I've misplaced my copy... Among Gaiman's "Fifteen Portraits of Despair," a collaboration with 15 different artists providing visuals to his words of tragedy embodied in one being, this has to be my favorite. It will also always be plaguing fear of mine, and one that I've been especially feeling lately! :-S

The second straight week of Photoshop hell! I can't even think of what life would be like after this.