Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Things

Random things from this week that warmed my heART hehe:



Beating Marco in a cutting race! To see who could finish one whole cartolina's worth of cutting hehehe :-) These are the things we come up with to make working a bit more fun, when it feels like I can't cut another piece or like I'll just throw up cartolina from being surrounded by so much of it!



Finding craft paper cartolina! I'm so excited to use this for a project. I want to buy it in bulk already, but I have no idea what on earth I'll use it for! It feels quite sturdy, sturdier than normal colored cartolina, and it's cheaper too. It sounds promising. :-)


Having this large and this tall a pile of cardboard! And it's just sitting there in my garage... It was twice as tall yesterday, before I made deliveries to my next project's team members. And it's actually a big hassle to have it around since it occupies so much space and can't be moved. But still! So huge and so many of them! Something you can't just find anywhere...:-)

Excited to finish one of my big projects at work sometime soon... Let's hope this is it! Yes!


Frances said...

Dear lord, my heart! Where could I find one of those craft paper cartolina? Makes me giddy! :)

Victoria said...

I'm sure you can find them in any supplies or craft store! :-)